1 x Lollababy Nasal Aspirator
1 x Lollababy Nail Trimmer



The Lollababy Nasal Aspirator clears baby's stuffed nose fast and cleanly. Our battery-powered nasal aspirator provides a gentle and steady suction which easily removes baby' excess nasal mucus. The soft silicone tips (three sizes for different suction strengths: 0-3 Months, Power and Long Reach) are soft and gentle against baby's nostrils.


The Lollababy nasal aspirator is safe for newborns and toddlers while still powerful enough to suck all the mucus, boogers and snot out quickly and with minimum fuss. Approved by the Singapore Health Sciences Authority. Also FDA-approved, BPA- and latex-free.

Compact, lightweight and portable for outdoor use. Stands upright for easy storage. For ages newborn and up.


> 1 Year Warranty
> Quickly and gently removes excess mucus
> Waterproof and washable
> Little operation noise
> Ergonomic design for good grip and control
> Big mucus cap which is easy to clean
> Stands upright
> Operated by two AA batteries (batteries not included)


Aspirator kit contains: 

- 1 Main Unit
- 3 Sizes of Silicone Tips (Reusable)
- 2 Spare Silicone Rings (Reusable)
- 1 Transparent and Easy to Clean Mucus Cap (Reusable)
- 1 Zipper Pouch
- 1 User Manual in English



Protect Your Baby


Baby’s nails grow quickly and are being extremely thin, and prone to scratching their own faces, especially in the early months. Lollababy’s battery-operated one-button nail file trims baby’s nails quickly and quietly without accidentally clipping too much nail or skin.


Safe, Easy to Use and Versatile


Each battery-powered nail file kit comes with six different sanding/buffing pads; three for children and three for adults. This nail kit helps sand, clip and polish fingernails and toenails in seconds using safe, effective sandpaper that is gentle on cuticles and nail beds.


3 months from date of purchase


A baby nail file that won’t damage cuticles or soft nail beds lets you safely trim and polish nails on tiny fingers and toes


An LED light and low-noise motor lets you trim your child’s nails safely and without interrupting your child’s sleep


Comes with 3 cushioned sandpaper heads safe for babies and children and 3 attachments for adult use


Control speed (high/low) and rotation (clockwise/reverse) for enhancing nail filing positions and smoother nails


A one-button design powered by 2 AA batteries (batteries not included)


What's in the Box: 
1. 1 nail trimmer body 
2. 3 sandpaper nail pads for babies (0 — 12m ) 
3. 3 discs for adults (2 discs for shaving, polishing, nails and 1 point polisher for nail heads and cuticles) 
4. Travel case

Lollababy Essential Bundle

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