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Cubes are the most basic children’s toy. First, a child simply learns to hold a cube in his hand, then to break towers built by mom, then to build towers of his own, and later even more – he or she builds big cities, inhabited by imaginary heroes. Cubes are a “must-have” toy for children from 6 months to 7 years old.

Natural colors soothe the child and help to focus on play. Colors of mother’s milk, pink peonies, sky above your head, tasty crème brulee, French mustard, blue pines, pebbles on the seashore, pomegranate and fresh peppermint. 

We removed the sharp corners from each cube by hand, so when a parent accidentally steps on a toy, it will not hurt. And we do not cover toys with lacquer, so the cubes do not split and it is more convenient for children to build with them.

Raduga Grez Cubes Forest Soul

  • Solid wood

    Water-based eco-friendly paint

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