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Hegen’s revolutionary PPSU PCTO™ bottle allows you to Express, Store and Feed within a single container by simply swapping the bottle’s feeding head, storage lid and adapter to convert a feeding bottle into a breast milk storage container or pumping container without any transfer of milk. This minimises wastage and reduces mess, making every drop count.


Hegen’s breast pump adapters are available in two sizes Standard and Wide Neck. Adapters are sold in pairs. This allows mothers to use the Hegen bottles alongside their preferred breast pump for a seamless and sustainable breastfeeding journey.


Hegen PPSU breast milk storage containers are available in 5oz/150ml and 8oz/240 ml. To seamlessly ExpressStoreFeed within a single bottle, simply purchase the Hegen adapter and Hegen feeding head to convert a Hegen breast milk storage container into a feeding bottle or pumping container without any transfer of milk.


Hegen PPSU bottles are available in three sizes - 5oz/ 150ml, 8oz/240 ml and 11oz/330ml.

5oz/150ml bottles come with Hegen slow flow teats, 8oz/240ml bottles come with Hegen medium flow teats while 11oz/330ml bottles with Hegen fast flow teats.