Lollababy Nasal Aspirator

Say bye to stuffy noses with the Lollababy Nasal Aspirator! Our flagship product promises on-the-go, fast relief for stuffy noses. Of medical-grade quality, it is gentle yet still powerful enough to clear all of your child’s mucus, boogers, and snot out quickly and with minimum fuss. Comes with three silicone tips of different shapes and lengths, perfect for newborns and young children alike. 

Lollababy Portable Micromesh Nebulizer

For effective delivery of medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs (nebulization), respiratory treatment of asthma through the respiratory system (comprising the nose, nasal passages, the pharynx, the windpipe), other disorders related to the air passages to the lungs (bronchopulmonary) and other obstructive respiratory disorders.

An effective newly-developed micromesh design uses an alloy mesh and titanium vibrator to achieve superior nebulization efficiency

Lollababy Nail Trimmer Manicure Set

Polish neatly with the Lollababy Nail Trimmer Set! Comes with six attachments designed for a variety of purposes for both babies and adults, all especially gentle on cuticles and soft nail beds. The low noise motor also lets you trim your child’s nails without interrupting sleep. 

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