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Hegen PCTO™
Double Electric Breast Pump

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1. A Pump Mode That Fits

Choose from 36 expression modes to find one closest to your baby's suckling rhythm and strength for the best yield and comfortable pump.

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3. Relaxation Massage

The unique, patent-pending kneading massage feature helps to calm and soothe tired muscles before, during and after expression.

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5. Hassle-Free Charging

The USB-compatible charging port allows for power bank charging anywhere.


2. Lightweight & Compact

Perfect for mothers expressing on-the-go, this lightweight (just 230g) and compact pump fits nicely into a mother’s bag.


4. Gentler on Breast & Nipple

Our unique flange design makes pumping gentler on your nipple without any tugging during expression. Pumping should not hurt!


Ultimate Convenience

Minimal and easily removable parts for easy

hassle-free cleaning. Flexibility in switching from manual or electric with minimal effort.

World’s First Relaxation Breast Pump


The Hegen Double Electric Breast Pump features a unique massage feature that helps stimulate circulation, calm swelling or soreness, and bring on the happy hormones moms need to pump more easily. And when applied to certain meridian points -top part of shoulders at mid-section, 3 inches under armpits, 1 inch under nipple, and centre of chest plate - you may even notice a surge in breastmilk.

Five different modes with just one pump

From single to double pump, electric to manual pump, you have the flexibility of switching between these effortlessly. One additional mode unique to Hegen Double Electric Breast Pump is the kneading massage mode where you can transform your breast pump into a relaxing massager.

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1. Double Pump Expression

Evenly-matched pumping on both sides takes less time and ensures effective expression of milk. There are 36 different expression variations, allowing you to customise to a setting that suits your comfort level.

2. Single Pump Expression

Baby only likes to latch on one side?

Opt for a single pump expression

to clear the other breast.

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3. Single Pump Expression and Relaxation Massage

Ease blocked ducts or release tension in the shoulders by activating the relaxing massage with kneading ring on one side while pumping on the other. This helps to soothe tired muscles while achieving the best results.

4. Manual expression

Switch from electric to manual in seconds and take control of your pump ritual. Apply the amount of pressure you like that is most comfortable for you. You have full control.


5. Relaxation Massage

Transform the breast pump into a massager! Put on the kneading ring and experience the patent pending kneading massage inspired by TCM cupping techniques. Place kneading ring on sore muscles or blocked ducts to ease tensions and improve blood circulation. You can even apply it on your 4 meridian points before each pumping session to improve your milk supply.

Unique flange design for a comfortable fit

Hegens flanges are designed with an unique concave shaped tunnel so it is gentler on the nipples, making it a more comfortable pumping experience. This gradual taper design also allows for a good fit on a range of nipple sizes - 21mm to 24mm.


Designed for night pumping

Concerned that your pump might wake your husband or baby up in the middle of the night? The Hegen Double Electric Breast Pump is designed to be quiet (only 50 decibel) and comes with a LED screen that dims automatically. Simply press any button to have it light up again to check on your settings. Settings from the last pump is also auto-saved so you can simply connect the tubes, switch it on and start pumping efficiently.

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