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  • + How are the toys made?
    Raduga Grez make toys from locally sourced wood grows in their region. Our carpenters are third generation matryoshka doll makers who now work with us. All materials for the toys are bought in Russia, except for our paint which is from Germany (see below). The cotton bags for toys packing are sewn by mothers, who are on their maternity leave, and help us produce the bags from home.
  • + How are your toys colored and are they safe?
    We use German Biofa oils and paints, they have the strictest safety certificate (European Standard EN71) and are approved for coloring children's toys.
  • + What is the smell from your toys?
    Our paint does not smell at all, and the linseed oil we use smells like linseed oil. The toys have a very subtle and pleasant natural smell of wood and oil.
  • + Why does the paint on your toys seem so thin? Are you saving paint?
    We are not trying to save on paint at all. Our paint lies in a thin layer and does not cover the natural grain of the wood and allows you to feel the natural texture of the wood. Sometimes the wood fibers are directed differently. Or, for example, rounded pieces in the middle always have a thinner layer of paint.
  • + Why is the toy not smooth?
    Our toys are meant to be tactile, velvety. This is because we do not varnish them. If a lacquer is used, it will overlap the texture of the wood and the natural grain it is not felt. Our toys are textured, so the child develops motor skills and tactility. These toys are more convenient to build with because they do not slip. At the same time, care is taken to ensure everything is safe and splinter-free.
  • + What is the life expectancy of your toys?
    Raduga Grez toys can be safely passed on as heirlooms. They are designed to be be simple and durable. They are handmade only from woodand safe paints. Toys are made of natural wood, so do not store them near radiators or humidifiers. But rememberm these are not designed as chew toys and should not be used as such. Sometimes children even chew on pacifiers and the sides of beds. If the child is younger than 3 years old, we recommend to keep an eye on him while playing.
  • + Do your toys stain?
    The paint we use is resistant, does not stain or wash off. Our toys are not varnished, you have the wood itself in your hands, and when you bump the cubes against each other, small layers of wood can go into each other leaving traces. This is due to the nature of wood and paint. The paint itself will not othewise leave marks on your hands, skin, or other objects.
  • + Are your toys certified?
    Raduga Grez toys are certified in accordance with Russian law.
  • + Do you have guarantees?
    Due to their nature, the toys are not under warranty. However, we believe in the quality of our toys. If you have issues with toys that you have just purchased, please email us and we will assist to address the issue you have faced.
  • + What kind of wood do you use?
    Raduga Grez toys are made from linden (basswood). It is light and docile, it has long been used in Russia to make toys and carved pictures, it was used to decorate the capes of ships. It is lightweight and easier for children to build with. It does not splinter, at most it will have dents from knocks.
  • + How do I take care of toys?
    They can be wiped down with a dry or damp cloth without mechanical abrasion or cleaning agents.
  • + Is wood production environmentally friendly?
    Raduga Grez buys wood only from responsible, sustainable professional suppliers, who plant the forest themselves for logging, and then, after cutting down the grown trees, plant new ones.
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