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What's included:

1 x Hanil UV Sterilizer




Sterilize with a Single Touch

A mummy’s helper that helps save time, save space, and save energy all in a sleek and well designed package. Using UltraViolet light technology, Hanil UV Sterilizer sterilizes more than just bottles. It sterilizes breast pump accessories, soft toys, toothbrushes, remote controls and even your handphone. It doubles up as a storage unit, eliminating the need for a drying rack and additional containers to store the sterilized items.



Hanil UV Sterilizer & Dryer

  • Over 50 years of history and in-house R&D capabilities.
  • Suitable for use with both adult and child daily essentials
  • Covered by 2 Year warranty
  • Multi Award-Winning UV Sterilizer
  • All-in-one - Dry, Sterilize & Storage function


- Infrared low-heat drying - provides gentle and safe drying for your products

Max 48 degrees, minimizes the risk of burns and items are ready for use immediately after the cycle is done.

- UV light sterilization - NOT using water or high temperatures to sterilize

Increased flexibility to sterilize other items such as home medical supplies, electronics, gadgets, money/cards, remote control and so much more!

- Effectively kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses

Sterilizes using dual germicidal UV lamps (OSRAM, Italy)

- Saves time and hassle

Just load the items inside and press the button for the function you need.

- Simple to Use

Easy to understand User Interface means anyone at home can easily learn how to use it - be they the elders or the house helper, making daily disinfection more convenient!

- Sterilize in just 10mins

During the pandemic period, you can put your bag, watch, money, credit card, keyboards and those that highly touch daily essentials to sterilize.

- Using High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filter, minimise the chance of dust contamination within the unit

HEPA rating indicates the ability to block 99.97% of airborne dust and ultra-fine particles.

- Quiet

Minimal noise when in use (even during drying) so baby won't be disturbed

- Globally accredited

100% imported from Korea.

Hanil UV Sterilizer

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